Resident Input

Helen and Sons Share Their Thoughts on Cameron Woods…

Pictured to the right is long-time resident, Helen Powers. Helen was one of the first residents to move to Cameron Woods back in 1999. She moved in to her apartment the very first night Cameron Woods opened and sang our praises ever since. When asked to share some thoughts about Helen’s experience with us, her son Dick replied “Cameron Woods has been a true blessing for Mom and our entire family.”

Another son, Don, chimed in that “Mom is happier than she has been in many years. She loves it here! She loves the way that people help her when she needs it and she loves having all of her friends right here too.”

Helen added, “It’s GREAT! I have no reason to complain about ANYTHING!” Like Helen, many of our residents are very capable of living completely independently but have chosen to live in the company of others simply to eliminate some worry and extra chores. Whether you need some added help or just choose to simplify life and be around others, Helen says, “Cameron Woods is a great place to call home.”


Helen passed away in 2019 at the age of 98.  She called Cameron Woods her home for the last 20 years of her long life.  


Quotes from current residents:

“The food and service are better than most restaurants!” – Bill       

“A hidden gem for the senior residents of Steuben County.” – Patti

“I’ve found a second family at Cameron Woods.”  – Sue

“Downsizing our home and moving to Cameron Woods was a great burden lifted for us and our children.”  – Paul & Mary

“It is a huge relief to know that Dad has some one close by to help him when he needs it.” – Joe






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